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In-person experiences are the secret to successful events. This is what has kept the events industry afloat in a world where we are slowly becoming more and more isolated and detached because of technology.

Live experiences keep people engaged during events and offer them an array of sensations, emotions, and new thoughts. You already know this. However, have you ever wondered what an event experience actually means?

According to founder Antoine van den Oever “An experience must stimulate the senses. This will provoke a physical reaction amongst the audience, such as laughter or amazement. The experience must also induce a sense of involvementand commitment amongst the audience.”

Obviously, there’s a multitude of activities that will help you stimulate your attendees’ senses. But one of the most important one professional support.

As Kevin notes, “The culinary aspects of an event play a large part in determining overall guest satisfaction. Eating has a direct influence on the perceived experience of the event. It therefore pays to give this important element of your programme the attention it deserves.”

The way you design the catering experience can make or break your entire event. You can provide a standard lunch break or a dinner, or you can offer a ‘WOW’ experience to your attendees that they’ll remember and talk about months after the event.

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Let our team plan the milestones of your life; from baby showers and christenings to birthdays and proposals, our personable and professional staff will execute your celebration with personality, flair and attention to detail, creating events that are beautiful, delicious and memorable.

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